Family Photos

Starting in 2010, three years after I became a single mom – the year I became a grandma, my dear friend Camille began taking photos of Tolkien, Indigo, and me for my holiday cards. In the beginning, I never planned on having it be an annual tradition. Then, the second year, I decided to do it again. The third year, I felt like I should do it again because I’d done it the previous two years. And so on. We’ve not missed a year yet. I will add each year’s photos to this page as they are taken. The boys are in ninth grade. One day, they’ll graduate and go into the world as men. But I do hope we can maintain this tradition even beyond then. Time will tell.


December, 2010. Reed College.







2011. Gabriel Park.


Despite all appearances, it is not always simple to get them to sit still and smile long enough for one simple shot. But Camille has the patience of a saint, and we always get there.


2012. Elk Rock Garden, the garden at the Bishop’s Close



He made this Key Blade himself.



2013. Draper Girls Country Farm. Hood River, Oregon.


Probably the best family photo in existence. The zombies thing was Tolkien’s idea (he was in a big zombie phase) and the light Photoshop work was courtesy of Camille.


2014 . Pumpkin Patch, Hood River, Oregon.


This year was a little rough. Hunger crisis. Indigo wouldn’t smile without effort. Lots of yelling. Valuable lessons were learned this year – mostly by me.


2015. Hood River, Oregon.


Clearly, lessons were learned from the previous year. No pressure to perform. Everyone was fed beforehand. Good times were had.


2016. Powell Butte.



Not little boys anymore. Nope.


2017. Hood River, Oregon.


First picture, 2010. Most recent picture, 2017. (Boys on opposite sides)