I Know We’ve Come a Long Way

Indigo came home from school sick yesterday. Technically, it was his dad’s day, but I live closer to the school and he wasn’t feeling well enough to bus across the southeast to Jim’s house. So, as luck would have it, he was here. Also as luck would have it, Portland experienced its¬†greatest wind storm in 33 years yesterday.

Around 3PM, while at work, I got a call from Indigo. I was in the middle of three critical deadlines, and about to meet with the COO, but I answered my phone anyway. This is my rule: there’s nothing at work more important than a call from my children. I even answered a phone call from them during my interview for the job. “Sorry,” I said when I sat down. “My kids are going to get home from school midway through this interview, and they’re going to call me nonstop until they get me on the phone to let me know they’re home. I’ll answer really quickly, acknowledge them, then get right off. I hope that’s okay.”

So, Indigo calls me yesterday when I was in the middle of all the things, and he says, “Mom! The neighbor’s tree¬†just fell onto our house! It shook the whole foundation and everything!”

“What?” I asked. “Holy shit – Indigo, are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine,” he said. “Can I have some chips?” Continue reading “I Know We’ve Come a Long Way”


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