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October 2014 Poetry Project: Card One

French fashion card

Mirror, mirror on the wall
who’s the most wanton one of all?
You see chiffon, taffeta, lace –
a lady poised, exuding grace.
Each night, I strip away the pearls
peel away the layers,
remove the stuff of girls.
Underneath, my body’s lined
full of stretchmarks,
Like the mystical bird of ash and fire,
I strip down
to my most base desire:
to love
be loved
exist with my whole heart
in this shell
this work of art.
In the private dark of night,
my naked self burns most bright.
It’s mine and mine alone;
this beautiful self that I call home.
So in the full shine of morn,
I decorate
and I adorn.
I suit up in dainty armor
to be the muse
the constant charmer.
I protect, project, you see;
I keep the loveliest bits for me.

This is the first of two cards I will be sending to strangers, whose names were given to me as part of the¬†Postcard Poem Project. The assignment was to write a poem based on what’s going on in the picture on the card.¬†


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