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Facebook Status Updates – July 1 – 20, 2014

In July, 2014, I planned to take the whole month away from Facebook. But since I’m going to be published on Sweatpants & Coffee on Tuesday, July 22, I came back early. Here are the status updates I never posted.

July 1 –

  • I love how Portlanders act like it’s the apocalypse when temperatures approach 100 degrees for two days a year. We earned this, people! Bask in it!
  • Desperately wanted to share the She Bop newsletter with the world. ESPECIALLY this fabulous part: Filthy Farmgirl soaps are 100% natural and vegan friendly, and they smell wonderful! We have large bars in beaver, pussy, ass, bitch, and cock, and small bars in sailor, unicorn, bride, and lumberjack.

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