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Recovered Memory: the sound of typing

I’m at work typing furiously, transcribing five pages of printed information – complete with tables and headings – into a new document. This task was handed to me five minutes ago and I need to have the whole thing typed, formatted, and emailed to the executive team before their meeting ends in an hour. The thought goes through my head, “I went to fucking college so that I could do data entry?” But then I remember…

I’m eleven years old and there’s my mom sitting behind her desk at KSVP, the tiny AM station that serves southern New Mexico’s Pecos Valley. She’s looking down at a piece of paper containing information she’s inputting into a document on her state-of-the-art IBM Selectric typewriter – the one with the efficient little ball that spins around when she strikes a letter and that makes a rapid little tickticktick noise when she types, a sound infinitely more pleasing than the thunkthunkthunk of the older typewriter with the long arms containing a single letter that smashed against the paper that she used to have. It’s not the sound of the letters hitting the page I love so much, but the plastic echo of the keyboard as she rapidly keys in the data. I stand there, entranced, until she breaks the spell by stopping to read over the document and then carefully erase backwards to the spot where she’s made the error. Then she starts typing again. Continue reading


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